Voodoo Magic Spells

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From the beginning of time, voodoo spells have helped people of different races to achieve happiness in life, regardless of whether they believed in its power or not. When we find ourselves locked at the lowest points of our lives in which everything has turned upside down, many of us often choose to surrender and give up the fight to attain happiness.

But, before you even think of throwing in the towel, know from now onwards that there are powers and forces that exist on a different plane of life.

When these powers are invoked, they can help in solving love problems and many other issues that affect the happiness of human beings. But, before I even get deeper into the subject of voodoo spells, let me first start by explaining what voodoo really is and its origin.

What Is Voodoo Magic?

Voodoo is a religion that has been unfairly treated by public opinion and, in many cases, misunderstood. With its roots in West Africa, it is a religion that has currently spread far and wide in different places like the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe, India, China and the West Indies.

The spread of this religion can be attributed to the impact of slave trade and slavery – in which African slaves were transported to help build some of the largest economies that we have in the world today. When these slaves had reached their destination, they found that the natives of such places practiced a different type of religion all together – Catholicism. However, with time, they were able to fuse the two faiths into what can be referred to today as ‘Modern Voodoo”.

Voodoo is considered one of the oldest religions on our planet.

The term “voodoo” comes from an African word “vodun”, which means “god” or “spirit”. The origin of this religion is in the countries of Nigeria, Benin and Togo – regions that were inhabited by the Yoruba.

In Voodoo, as in many other religions, there is a hierarchical organization of the members and leaders of the religion. Therefore, we find both priests, sorcerers and sorceresses as well in the practice of this magic. Usually, voodoo magic is performed through elaborate rituals.

During a Voodoo ritual, what is carried out is an invocation of the “loas” (something like the saints) who are the ones who can satisfy our desires and our demands. This invocation is usually done through a dance that is done to the music of drums and traditional songs. These dances are done in sacred places and must be captained by a Voodoo priest, who will be in charge of drawing esoteric symbols. At the end of the ritual, an animal is usually sacrificed – like a kid or a chicken – as an offering to the gods.

Witchcraft and voodoo facts

Originally, voodoo can clearly be classified as an African religion. It is believed that it existed several thousand years ago. There is a high level of God in this religion, but people do not simply contact it. To connect with the supreme, omnipotent spirit, the Loa is required. The Loa, which could also be called voodoo gods, are the intermediaries between people and the almighty, all-powerful spirit.

These intermediaries between people and the over-spirit are common to all directions of Voodoo. They are also used by today’s faith groups, which have already moved far from the original voodoo, practice many other religious customs, and often have received only a few fragments of the actual voodoo.

There are also certain hierarchies among the Loa.

Some Loa have divine power, such as the ability to cause earthquakes or storms and other natural events. Access to the Loa is provided by not only the voodoo priests, but also by healers.

This contact is usually accompanied by certain rituals, magical signs and actions, ecstatic dances and more. Magic played an important role in all ancient African religions.

In voodoo, outsiders particularly perceive the magical rituals, which is why the rituals and customs are often interpreted as voodoo magic. The different types of voodoo that we have in today’s world include voodoo from Louisiana, Haitian, African, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Brazilian and Cuban.

All voodoo rituals and magic practices work best if they are conducted by someone who specialises in voodoo magic. Therefore, this means that voodoo practices should only be done by the Mambos, Bokors, Haungans, priests and priestesses. If you believe in the power of voodoo and would like to use it to bring change into your love life. This is your opportunity of making it to happen. Voodoo will bring peace and balance into your life. It will help you achieve all the things you would like to do instantly.