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Midnight Love spells

Midnight love spells are very effective and gives out everlasting results, below is a free white magic love spell to make someone love you which you can cast by yourself. You need to start this spell casting from a new moon day to a full moon day, you would need a red color love candle, which is in the shape of a heart, light up the candle exactly when the new moon hour starts and make sure your candle is big enough to be kept burning till the full moon comes out.

Let the candle burn for fifteen minutes wash your eyes with rose water and then look at the candle’s flame, you will see a blue color flame just beneath the red and yellow color, stare at the blue color of the flame and try to make a picture of the person whom you want to fall in love with you and cast the spell written below fifteen times, do this as stated for all the days and blow of the candle on the full moon day if it does not finish off, within the next full moon cycle you will have the person whom you have imagined, fallen in love with you.

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