Money spells

Money spells

Money spells, money oils, money spells and chants, charms, sandawana skin, sandawan oil for money cast by powerful money spells caster prof Mama Hajara.

bag-of-money-copyDo you want money in abundance, do you need a fat bank account, do you want to double your savings or you need a raise in your income, My powerful money doubling spells will turn you in to a money magnet. Whether you run your own business or you are employed by some one these powerful money spells will work for you. These spells are intended to double any amount income that you get. Professor Mama Hajara spells have worked for masses and they can work for you too

Wealth Sigil Powder - Money Spell - Prosperity Spell - Wealth Spell. You can hardly find a magical, philosophical or esoteric teaching which ignores the financial aspect of our life and doesn’t offer at least one spell for money. You may have no fear that you will disturb some dangerous energies or infuriate Higher Powers. I carefully select each spell to get money for you to be safe while influencing the surrounding energies to achieve prosperity.

Wealthy doubling spells

money-bags-_txvtThese spells are intended to double your wealthy even in the most hard times. These can also help you recover from the most worst financial crisis because they are too powerful to boost your luck such that your wealthy can double.

When these powerful money spells are cast by a powerful spells caster like Professor Mama Hajara you new venture/investments will boost and double in investments and also your declining venture will come back to life


Prosperity, Abundance, Money Spells


Order for these spells from Professor Mama Hajara to release you from the vicious circle of poverty.  Prof Mama uses the most powerful Prosperity herbs such as Cinnamon, Patchouli, Mint and Basil Anointing


Success spells

7376_AdventurerThese successful success spells are intended to attract success in business or at your job. These spells open up your doors to successful promotions and connections